I just finished watching the men’s final hockey game of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics!!  Canada was invincible against the Swedes, scoring three goals and denying Sweden any goals throughout the game.  For a team that gets together once every four years to face off with other countries, I am very impressed by the companionship, teamwork and unity that I saw on the ice today.  And after having defeated the US in women’s hockey for the gold, today’s game is like the icing on the cake!


Here are the details of the game if you missed it:

Team Canada wins gold, beating Sweden 3-0 in men’s Olympic hockey


I’m really loving this guy’s sign 🙂

I’m so proud to call myself a Canadian and to see that Canada is still dominating in BOTH men and women’s hockey.  My favourite part of the Olympics is feeling that sense of comradery and connection with fellow Canadians when we’re all cheering for the same team.  Despite the nasty politics, environmental concerns and cheating/doping scandals, in the end it’s nice to remember that the Olympics is all about celebrating sports and honouring the amazing feats that top athletes of the world achieve all the time.  It’s also a great opportunity to unabashedly show your patriotism,  yell “Go Canada!” at the top of your lungs while watching the games, wear all the Canadian shirts you please and splurge on some made-in-Canada wear from Roots (yes it’s expensive, but the Olympics is a good excuse, right?).  As proof of how much Canadians like hockey, check out the link below:

So congratulations to both the Canadian men and women’s hockey teams for an amazing performance at Sochi.  Now go out there and celebrate with some beavertails, maple syrup and Molson Canadian!


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