10 Things You Do if You Are a Crazy Cat Lady

1. You refer to your cats by name and your friends all know who you’re talking about.

2. You don’t get mad when your cats chew up your headphones or any other irresistibly dangly objects you happen to own. It was obviously your fault for leaving them out in the open.

3. You’re just as-or maybe even more-excited to see your cats when you go home to visit your family.

4. When you do see your cats, everyone gets two, or three…or five snapchats of your cats doing ridiculously cute cat things.

5. One of the biggest decisions you’ve ever made was deciding whether to continue things with a significant other after finding out they were allergic to cats.

6. You’ve been gifted at least one mug with cats on it.

7. You own a lot of lint brushes and minimal black clothing.

8. You leave your bedroom door open at night so you can cuddle with your cats while you fall asleep even though you know they’re going to wake you up at sunrise.

9. A significant portion of your Instagram is pictures of your cats.

10. Your phone lock-screen is usually a picture of your cats.


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