(163) DAY

“I’m not interesting enough” is what people oftentimes say when I ask to write a story about them.
But to be honest, I think that everyone has something interesting to say or to contribute.

Just like any other typical guy, my friend Bryan Jok replied “I’m not interesting enough to be interviewed” when I made my request. I insisted.

He just laughed (nervously), “but I didn’t do anything interesting today. I just… went to class and – ”

“Did you really go to class today, Bryan?”
He laughed.

Bryan is a first-year Medical Sciences student currently living in Elgin Hall, where he utilizes his kitchen to cook instant noodles, KD and spam. I asked him if he ate the spam from the can.

“No man, spam must be deep-fried. That’s when it’s good.”
“And you want to be a doctor?”
He laughed. That option was still a maybe for him.

An interesting fact about Bryan is that he is on the varsity badminton team, having played this sport since he was just 10 years old. “My dad played badminton so he got me into it, but I just keep playing because I love it,” he smiled. “I’m going to keep playing this until I am 80 years-old.” This varsity athlete is looking forward to upcoming tournaments (one in Quebec!) as well as Nationals near the end of April.

On campus, his favourite food is Subway; his regular order being the foot-long turkey breast and ham on Italian herb and cheese toasted with white cheddar. “I get Subway every day,” he claimed.

I noticed he was holding a combo meal paper bag from The Spoke and pointed it out.

“Oh, except this week. I am a little sick of Subway, because I had it everyday for lunch for the past two weeks,” he chuckled.

If Bryan could wish for one thing during his time at Western, it would be to work with cadavers and gain more hands-on experience in his medical science studies.

I just read this “interview” story back to Bryan.
He smiled.
Guess he realized he is quite interesting after all.

“What you perceive, your observations, feelings, interpretations, are all your truth. Your truth is important.”
– Linda Ellinor


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