Ode to Saint Valentine

I’ve noticed that a lot of young people are dreading the upcoming day of pinks and reds and hearts and flowers chocolate covered goodies and I personally think that’s kind of sad. I know a lot of us think of this holiday as just a pointless affirmation of our relationship status or a poor excuse for couples to rub their loving relationships in everyone’s faces. I know that this day can bring a lot of people down and that just doesn’t sit well with me because holidays should make our day special, not put a damper on it.

In honour of this fast approaching celebration, I wanted to give you some reasons you should celebrate Valentines Day. Or maybe not even celebrate it, but just appreciate it. And if you can’t appreciate it, maybe this’ll make you reconsider ragging on it. If I can keep uplift just one reader spirits, I’ll consider myself successful.

The first most obvious, and probably the most selfish reason we should embrace Valentines Day celebrations is because of the chocolate. Who doesn’t like chocolate right? And there is an overwhelming supply of chocolate in every food distribution store you’ll enter on February 14th.  So do yourself a favour and go buy some chocolate on Valentines Day. Get your favourite kind, or get some speciality kind of chocolate that only comes out during these kinds of holidays. I myself will be purchasing one of those milk chocolate covered marshmallows, in case the curiosity was eating away at you guys.

Second: A more meaningful and sentimental reason to appreciate this day. A popular idea of controversy for this holiday is that people shouldn’t do nice things for their significant other just because a calendar tells them to do so. In turn, they should make romantic gestures to their loved ones everyday. But what about those boyfriends, girlfriends, wives or husbands that don’t get those tokens of appreciation? Valentines Day is the one day that it is (usually) guaranteed they’ll get that romantic gesture. Whether it is a bouquet of flowers, a cheesy Hallmark card or a simple “I love you”, Valentines Day is a sure fire way someone will feel the love.

Third and finally this a way for couples to “rekindle” their love for each other. Sometimes life ensnares us in these seemingly inescapable cages bound by our conflicts, stresses and fears. These things begin to consume us to the point where we forget why we’re fighting them off in the first place. Physicians forget their working overtime to save lives, mothers forget their running around town so they can get home on time to make dinner for their husband and children, students forget that they’re studying day and night so they can be independent enough to support themselves one day. This is a day to remember what our lives are really all about. On this day, I challenge you to remember what you’re living for. Reflect on what gets you out of bed in the morning, what keeps the blood pulsing through your veins, what you think about before your head hits that pillow at night. What is the bane of your existence? When you have an answer, I dare you to rejoice that you have such a thing in your life.

I wish each and every one of you and Happy Valentines day. And remember, you are all beautiful.



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