People do different things to release stress.
Some good, some not so good.

For many of us (myself being oftentimes guilty of this one), it’s mindlessly snacking. On chips, cereal, chocolate, candy… anything to help make the process of learning the principles of scientific management from a long, dull textbook reading just that much more engaging.

Some people sleep. Others drink coffee, chat with friends, study in groups, go out for a walk, buy one of those stress-squeeze-balls to release tension – I even have this one friend who says he “plays with an imaginary cat” to release stress.

But for me, one of the things I love doing to release stress is swimming.
I’m not a strong swimmer (not at all) but there is just something about the motion of moving in water that I find greatly comforting. As I let the water bring me afloat and the waves smoothly glide along as I move, I also feel my stress slowly drifting away from my body too.

And of course, it helps to enjoy swimming when you also enjoy mindlessly snacking.
(I decided to buy a pack of baby carrots from the cafe today rather than my usual bowl of cereal as study snack. One baby step at a time.)

Happy studying



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