TED Talk Diet

Like most young people, as I progress through my undergraduate education I am constantly looking for what most inspires me!  An idea, research field, product or company that encompasses that strongly inspires my interests.

A challenge that I think many of us face is just getting a taste what exactly is out there. It is commonly accepted that there are so many diverse, fascinating and important ideas being developed, studied and worked on, however too often it is simply overwhelming to attempt to keep up to date on all that is out there!


For this reason, I have decided to try to take a small step towards learning a bit more about some of the fascinating ideas, progress and inventions of people from all over.

The concept on my part is simple: once a day, every day, watch 1 TED Talk.

But what you might be wondering is, what is a TED Talk? Most of you probably know, so I’ll just give a quick summary here. TED is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading fascinating ideas. The slogan for TED Talks is “ideas worth spreading” and for each talk, there is a speaker presenting their ideas regarding an idea, invention or discovery of some aspect of the universe. The range of topics is incredible and for this reason, I think it might offer me (and perhaps you too!) a tiny bit of insight into something out there that, although you don’t know it right now, fits yours interests, strengths and goals perfectly.


My goal in spending a few minutes a day learning about a unique aspect of our universe is simply to be inspired. To see the passion and devotion of fellow humans and to perhaps discover some of that passion within myself!

What do you think of this idea? Would you like to join me in what you could call a “TED Talk Diet”? All you need is about 15 minutes and openness to be inspired!

For those of you well-versed in TED Talks, what are some of your favourites? Which have inspired you most?


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