My Love for Leo

I recently saw a collection of Leonardo Dicaprio memes and of course had to read them all, because Leonardo is one of my all-time celebrity crushes and an amazing actor in my opinion. Unfortunately I cannot post the memes, because I need to convince you to watch Shutter Island – my favourite movie – and the memes give away the ending. However, I promise to post them in a later post.


My favourite movie to date is Shutter Island. Not just “my favourite Leonardo Dicaprio movie”, I mean my FAVOURITE movie out of anything I have ever seen. You may be thinking: “but I don’t like horror movies!” Shut up, it’s not a horror movie, it’s a thriller! I find that the most horrifying movies are the ones that take a perfectly normal situation – a situation you may someday find yourself in – and then twist it around to make it terrifying. For example, turning the job of babby-sitting into a horror movie. After watching When a Stranger Calls, I wouldn’t be surprised if my employer’s electricity bill increased, because after the kid was asleep I would turn on every light in the house to ward off the crazies who were going to come and kill me.

Getting back to Shutter Island: you will never find yourself in an insane asylum on an island (if you do, then you have other issues besides a distaste in horror movies that I can’t help you with) so there’s really nothing to be afraid of when watching Shutter Island. I first saw this movie in theatres and then watched it at home countless of times after that. It was much better in theatres, because the surround sound really brought out the amazing movie soundtrack. Even if you don’t have a friend who has surround sound in their living room, turn up the volume and WATCH IT! The plot keeps you guessing and if you aren’t able to figure out the ending then you’ll enjoy the movie 10 times more, so don’t try too hard to predict what happens!


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