Second Term

This past week was a busy week! I attended the Job Fair and had two exams. The Job Fair was really helpful; I had the opportunity to talk to staffs from various companies. They gave me details regarding the objective of the company, positions they are offering, and qualities they are looking for in an applicant. Even though most of the companies were looking for graduating students who are interested in full-time positions, I had acquired a lot of information to prepare myself for future full-time job application.

Over the weekend, I watched a classic movie, Taxi Driver, with Robert De Niro as the main character. It is about Travis Bickle (played by De Niro), a lonely night taxi driver in New York City, who sees a lot of street crime and prostitution during his job and he is disgusted by it. Eventually, his thoughts turn violent and decides to take matters into his own hands. I highly recommend this movie for a few reasons. First of all, De Niro’s acting is outstanding. Moreover, the movie makes you think and question if Bickle’s actions are justifiable; it does not spoon-feed information and some parts are open to interpretations.

Chris Hadfield is coming Western on the 27th! I am really excited to watch him sharing his experience. It is going to be a great event!


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