(153) DAY

These have been busy, busy, busy times.

Just yesterday, I had two exams – a 4-hour business exam in the afternoon, followed by a math exam two hours later in the evening.

But a lot of non-school related things have also been happening recently too, and despite the fact that they are quite demanding work-wise, I will definitely remember them as some of the greatest moments of this year.

One of the most rewarding experiences I worked on this year was Western Voice, the biggest annual singing competition held at Western University. As one of the executive organizers and MC for the show, I worked on this project together with a team for a solid three to four months.

Every year, Western Voice welcomes a guest celebrity to come, and this year, we got AJ Rafael! He acted as one of the three judges for the show, and he also performed at the end (a Disney Medley including songs from the Frozen soundtrack – how adorable). When he arrived Wednesday night, all the organizers brought him to Smokes Poutinerie, where we chatted and bonded over delicious Canadian goodness (because they don’t have poutine in California -where AJ is from.)

Thursday, January 23 was the big day, and the amount of talent seen this year was absolutely phenomenal. Over one hundred people auditioned earlier in November for the show, and out of that many, only ten were selected for the show.

At the end of the night, despite the fact that only one person walked out with the title of First Place WV winner (Robb, the singer standing in the middle in the top picture), all the performers left with a huge smile on their faces simply for being able to experience performing on a university stage in front of hundreds of people.

And as for the organizers, we walked out with huge smiles on our faces too – knowing that in the end, all our hard work paid off in the form of an amazing show that everyone greatly enjoyed.

Please don’t pass go, just watch the ever glowing.
I never knew that it would be so great, 
Listen to the comets soar at their amazing rate.
And I don’t know what to do when we walk out of sight, 
Except to look at all stars in this amazing night.”

– AJ Rafael



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