I just finished watching the men's final hockey game of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics!!  Canada was invincible against the Swedes, scoring three goals and denying Sweden any goals throughout the game.  For a team that gets together once every four years to face off with other countries, I am very impressed by the companionship,... Continue Reading →

(163) DAY

"I'm not interesting enough" is what people oftentimes say when I ask to write a story about them. But to be honest, I think that everyone has something interesting to say or to contribute. Just like any other typical guy, my friend Bryan Jok replied "I'm not interesting enough to be interviewed" when I made my... Continue Reading →

Ode to Saint Valentine

I’ve noticed that a lot of young people are dreading the upcoming day of pinks and reds and hearts and flowers chocolate covered goodies and I personally think that’s kind of sad. I know a lot of us think of this holiday as just a pointless affirmation of our relationship status or a poor excuse... Continue Reading →

People do different things to release stress. Some good, some not so good. For many of us (myself being oftentimes guilty of this one), it's mindlessly snacking. On chips, cereal, chocolate, candy... anything to help make the process of learning the principles of scientific management from a long, dull textbook reading just that much more engaging. Some... Continue Reading →

TED Talk Diet

Like most young people, as I progress through my undergraduate education I am constantly looking for what most inspires me!  An idea, research field, product or company that encompasses that strongly inspires my interests. A challenge that I think many of us face is just getting a taste what exactly is out there. It is... Continue Reading →

I was waging a war against my desire for a nap, and I was losing. With a final flutter, my leaden eyelids snapped shut. Instantly, darkness gathered me in its comforting embrace and the chains of exhaustion wrapped around me to pull me into the depth of unconsciousness. The temptation of surrendering to sleep insinuated my every hazy thought and I could feel the strength of my... Continue Reading →

My Love for Leo

I recently saw a collection of Leonardo Dicaprio memes and of course had to read them all, because Leonardo is one of my all-time celebrity crushes and an amazing actor in my opinion. Unfortunately I cannot post the memes, because I need to convince you to watch Shutter Island - my favourite movie - and... Continue Reading →

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