Tips to Keep You Supple During the Dry Winter

Dry, cracked hands and heels, brittle hair, chapped lips, irritated, red, flaky skin – all signs that winter has sucked the moisture out of you!  I don’t know about you, but I suffer from all of the above!!

Here are some tips to keep you feeling hydrated and healthy during the winter:

– Try to lower the temperature of your shower as long exposure to hot water can strip moisture from hair and skin.

– Eat lots of foods with healthy monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids (e.g. fish, nuts, olive oil, flax seed, avocados)

– Load up on vitamin-C rich produce like oranges and dark leafy greens.  Vitamin C can help boost production of collagen, which helps to maintain skin and other connective tissues.

Fun fact: There is no scientific proof that drinking plenty of water can rehydrate dry skin, but it’s always good to stay hydrated anyway for other health benefits.

For dry skin: 

– Mix a few drops of olive or grape seed oil in bathwater, or apply a thin layer of oil to the body after showering (and maybe wear some old PJs to bed).  This can also be applied to your face, however you should use a lighter oil (grape seed oil is good) if you are acne-prone to avoid clogging pores.

– Apply lotion to your body within 5 minutes of getting out of the shower to lock in as much moisture as possible.

For red, dry noses:

– Apply a warm cloth to the nose to reduce redness

– Use extra-soft tissues when blowing your nose and try to avoid rubbing – blot instead

– Apply a thin layer of ointment or lotion to the sensitive areas of your nose throughout the day to keep it moisturized

For rough, cracked feet:

– Exfoliate the dead skin off your heels using a pumice stone once a week

– Moisturize your feet, and especially your heels, with a thick cream and wear cotton socks to bed to help your feet absorb the lotion

For dry, itchy scalp: 

– Lower the temperature and duration of your showers to minimize your scalp’s exposure to oil-stripping hot water

– Switch to a dandruff/dry scalp shampoo if your scalp becomes flaky

– Massage Vitamin E, olive or coconut oil into your scalp before you shower to replenish natural scalp oils

– Tea tree oil can be used on the scalp to relieve itchiness

– Rinse hair with apple cider vinegar, then follow with regular shampoo to remove built up hair product that may cause scalp irritation

For brittle hair:

– Shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils, so instead of shampooing every day, you can opt for a quick rinse and conditioning to keep your locks refreshed and moisturized

– Add a few drops of olive oil to your brush before combing your hair after your shower to give it some extra hydration and shine

– Avoid blowdrying your hair or using hot tools if you can, as these can damage and dry out your hair

– Apply a deep-conditioning mask to your hair once a week.  These can be applied 5 minutes before your shower and quickly rinsed off for shiny hair

– Anti-frizz creams/sprays are great for winter to keep the static away from your hair and keep your hairdo smooth

For chapped lips:

– If your lips are flaky, use a clean toothbrush to gently exfoliate the dead skin away.  Follow with a good lip balm, Vaseline or even coconut oil!

– You can also exfoliate your lips by making a sugar scrub:  1 tbsp white, granulated sugar + 1 tbsp honey.  Mix until it forms a paste, then rub on lips gently in circles to remove dead skin.  Rinse and apply lip balm.


So there you have it!  Stay hydrated, stay warm, stay moisturized and eat healthy through this frigid winter! 🙂


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