Raw Vegan Truffles: A Must Try Recipe


Some people find that eating healthy can be very difficult. Sometimes, we just want to treat ourselves to something sweet and decadent. But, before you go and grab that chocolate bar, which would probably make you feel very unpleasant after you eat it; try this raw vegan truffle recipe that is a guilt-free and nutrient dense treat that you are guaranteed to love. Unlike chocolate and other unhealthy desserts, these truffles will give you a boost of energy after you eat them, so go ahead and indulge (but don’t indulge too much, because too much of anything is not good!!). So, here is the recipe:


  • 1 cup of Almonds
  • 1 ½ -2 cups of dates (depends on how sticky and sweet you want your truffles to be)
  • 2 tablespoons of Chia Seeds and/or Flaxseeds and/or Hemp Seeds (added for a nutritional boost)
  • ¼ cup of Cacao Nibs
  • 2-3 tablespoons of Cocoa powder

Optional: unsweetened shredded coconut or cocoa powder to roll the truffles in


Place the Almonds in a food processor, and pulse until the almonds are grinded. Then, add the cacao nibs to the food processor and pulse until the cacao nibs are grinded. Afterwards, add the seeds and cocoa powder to the food processor (no need to pulse). The next step involves adding the dates, add a couple of dates at a time and pulse until the dates are incorporated. Keep adding dates until the mixture becomes sticky. At this point, the mixture is ready to be rolled into truffles. Afterwards, you can roll your truffles in cocoa powder (for an extra chocolaty taste) or unsweetened shredded coconut (which is my favourite). Then, place the truffles in the freezer for a couple of hours (keep the truffles in the freezer at all times, and when you want to eat the truffles just take them out of the freezer and let them thaw for about 10 minutes). You can also place the mixture into a cake pan, and make raw vegan brownies instead.

This mixture makes about 50 truffles (but it depends on how big or small you want your truffles to be).

So here is it, the recipe for raw vegan truffle. It is a fast and easy recipe that anyone can follow. I hope you try this recipe and love it as much as I do.



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