Needle-Free Vaccines – Say Goodbye to Needles!

When your doc tells you you’re in need of a vaccine, I bet your first response isn’t “Oh goodie, a needle!”  And if it is, you must have pretty good pain tolerance, or just really like needles… it’s cool, not judging.

However, I think it’s safe to say that most people dislike needles.  Some people even have Trypanophobia – an extreme fear of needles.  I have a friend that jumps up from her seat if I poke her in a “needle-like” way or squirms if I start talking about vaccinations.

Not only is receiving a needle awful, but administering one can be a pain too!  One of the most tedious and difficult tasks as a doctor is to vaccinate young, squirming, screaming, terrified children.  They may be plump and little, but they are loud, surprisingly slippery (that may be due to excessive drooling) and oddly fast.

So, imagine if we could use a patch to administer vaccines instead?  More specifically, a Nanopatch.  This 1 cm by 1 cm square would contain the equivalent dose of vaccine as a regular syringe, would be applied directly to the skin in a non-invasive way and would be PAINLESS.

Incredible, am I right?

This patch could not only make doctors’ lives easier, but also cure children (and adults alike) of this fear of vaccination.


See how calm and willing this boy is to get the Nanopatch?  It’s like getting a sticker for being a good kid!

Here’s how deep the Nanopatch goes into the skin.


Below is an awesome TED talk with the details of this amazing patch invented by biomedical engineer Mark Kendall.  Oh, and this thing is also much cheaper than needles + syringes, as an added economical bonus!

I’m looking forward to seeing this Nanopatch make it into the real world.  It would also be kind of awesome to have nanotechnology stuck to you for little while.  It’s almost like sci-fi fiction!  I can imagine showing off my Nanopatch by casually rolling up my sleeve, letting it glimmer in the sunlight… I’m not sure why I imagine it to be shiny, but all shiny things are cool, that’s a fact. 🙂

So for all you trypanophobes out there, have hope!  One day, we may live in a needle-less world!


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