How To Stop Procrastinating


Obviously it is easier said than done, but there is no harm in trying to follow these steps.

Step 1) Make sure you create a to-do list. I know technology has become part of your daily life and you like to do everything on your phone and laptop; however, it is extremely effective to write things down on your agenda or a post-it note. Number the list of things so you know which task should be prioritized.  If necessary, set a specific time to the things you need to get done in order to keep you framed.

Step 2) Do the hard work first. If you keep pushing the most difficult task to last, the chances of you completing that work is slim. If you are stuck with a huge assignment that cannot to be done in one day, then, break it down to small loads.

Step 3) Give yourself a break. Don’t be unrealistic and say, “I am going to finish this work no matter how long it takes me.” If you continue to work on one thing for too long, you will lose your focus. For instance, writing a thousand-word essay in one hour will only result in exhaustion.

Step 4) Remove your distractions. Yes, social media are the worst enemy. Facebook is like the empty fridge you open once a while hoping to witness the magical appearance of the food you crave. Twitter is everyone’s diary piled together, open to the public for entertainment. If you have a mac, I strongly suggest you get the app called ‘Self Control’. It blocks off the websites for however long you want.

Step 5) Mark off your task list. This is not really considered as a step but it is a tip that I recommend to everyone. Every time I complete a task, I cross it off of my journal. This will make you feel accomplished and even more motivated to go on to the next task.



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