Carnival at Elgin Hall

Wow. It has definitely been a while since I’ve blogged.

I hope everyone had a great winter break, and that they’re enjoying second semester.

I know I am. I missed the residence life, and the structure each day at school brings.

But as much I love it here, I do get home sick. It actually happened just last week, but Western knew how to cheer me up – it was Carnival Day in the cafeteria! When I heard from a floormate that there was a carnival in the cafeteria, I was in disbelief. I’m actually not the biggest fan of carnivals, and I’ve only been a handful of them. To be honest, my favourite part about carnivals is the food – cotton candy, popcorn, hotdog etc. The list is simply never ending!

When I arrived downstairs, I was pleasantly surprised! It was everything I expected, but more! Remember when I said I only like the food? Well, the cafeteria was decorated with cartons of cotton candy, packets of caramel and butter popcorn and colourful lollipops! It felt like I was in Candyland.


My favourite part was the fact that someone was there making balloon animals! I love balloon animals – the simplicity of it, and the creativity behind it really resonates with me. I requested a dolphin, and my friends requested a firefly and a flower. I’ve never had an dolphin balloon before, so that was incredible, in my opinion.

All around the eating area, praises for this wonderful carnival could be heard, and I joined in as well. I think this is one of the best ideas to brighten up the residence and the cafeteria, and I hope to see it happen again!


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