(139) DAY

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Organic Spinach (top left), Toad in a hole (bottom left) and the Turducken Style Club with Maple carrot mug o’ soup (right)

London is a bustling place, home to thousands of students, families, and workers – so it’s no surprise that there has recently been a great rise in cafés and restaurants throughout the city these past few years to meet the demands of the growing population.

From The Early Bird to The Little Red Roaster, dining in the city features virtually everything under the culinary sky from hand-crafted espresso drinks to peanut butter & deep-fried banana pancakes. Facing much competition, chefs are constantly coming up with wacky new inventions to differentiate themselves from others.

My favourite café in London so far is The Early Bird on Talbot St. This small diner has been showcased on the National TV show, You Gotta Eat here, and once you visit this place, you’ll know exactly why it deserved a spot.

Not only are there (extremely) unique items on the menu like “The Fat Elvis” – smoked bacon, panko fried bananas, peanut butter and honey in a French Toast sandwich AND topped with maple syrup – but the decor of the restaurant is also completely memorable on its own. Massive old record disks are lined neatly against the brightly-colored walls along with Elvis posters, while an antique-looking skeleton model stands at the side of the restaurant to greet you as you walk in. The service is also friendly, and the wait for food isn’t that long either.

From pizzas named “The Cheesus Crust” to the a three-different-type-of-meat sandwich named the Turducken, there is literally something on the menu for everyone to enjoy.

My only suggestion is that if you do plan on taking a trip down to The Early Bird, do so early. 
Such a good place is bound to be packed near brunch time (but my 45 minute wait turned out to be worth it in the end, anyways).



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