Let the Art Speak For Itself


Do we have the right to judge artists?

When a book or song is published, the first thing we do is to criticize or comment on it. E-book gets reading data form subscribers who, for a flat monthly fee, buy access to an array of titles, which they can read on a variety of devices. The idea is to do for book what Netflix did for movies and Spotify for music.

As soon as these companies retrieve information on which parts the readers or audience are most interested in, the work becomes a product rather than art. Art is supremely individual expression. It doesn’t ask permission. It does not need to adjust itself to please the customers just because it fears criticism and the number of sales going down.

Artists say what they know, paint what they see, and write what they imagine. It is our privilege to be brought into their magical world, so different from our real world. They provide us with a sense of freedom as well as happiness. What right do we have to judge and criticize their work, which the artists provide to benefit us?

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