Thinking Back & Moving Forward

Like always, it has been awhile everyone. Welcome back! It’s a new year to start, however, it feels simply like any other year, I am getting older but supposedly not more mature. Strangely, the topic of maturity was brought up the other day and it is amongst one of the more normal conversations I have had with them. Honestly, sometimes I feel like we talk about the most random topics, but who really cares? As a lot of my friends’ birthdays are coming up this month, including mine, we discussed how we are all growing older. We simply reminisced about our high school days and shared our mischievous stories with each one starting off with “back in the day…”

Back in the day, I walked into high school without knowing anybody, I was a brave child. Funny though because certain things repeat themselves, I did the exact same thing for university, nobody at my school wanted to go to Western since it was too far. I am sure deep down; they regretted it because who doesn’t love purple? At the beginning of high school, I didn’t know what to expect, we (myself and others) picked up our schedules and played awkward ice-breaker games in every class. I became friends with one of my best friends nowadays on the first day of high school. My friend and I met in French class, we were supposed to introduce ourselves in French and join in the French game. In the game we played, you have to think of something you liked in French that begins with the same letter as your name. I couldn’t think of anything that started with an “E” in French. Yeah, my mind blanked for a French word, and my friend (simply a stranger back then) gave the idea of “l’elephante…” (which I am sure most of you readers thought of 😦 but I just couldn’t) which was what I ended up using. Mind you, I don’t think I have ever seen an elephant up close before. So, from one word, we became good friends! Therefore, I think it’s okay to just jump into something without knowing anything, it’s simply another step forward, and how hard can it be? Furthermore, later on the year we went to a field trip to the zoo and I ended up seeing elephants, and um they are huge animals. Perhaps it’s fate or merely chance?

From back then until now, I am not the most outgoing person out there, but when I get comfortable I start to talk a lot more and share my ideas. Though I may be a bit childish at times, my friends tell me I am mature when I need to be, which is um, almost never so therefore I am deemed childish and lack maturity. Well I am not sure what else I want to write anymore, I think I am getting writer’s block so… Back to school, back to work, I am not sure if I am ready yet…


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