Remember that time…

there was a massive ice storm in Toronto that wreaked havoc all over the GTA, forcing many to spend Christmas in hotels or other people’s homes?

I think this winter is definitely one for the books and we will be reminiscing about it for at least the next few years until the next big storm that hits us (knock on wood that it doesn’t happen).

For my family, we were lucky to keep our power, but my grandparents had lost theirs, so they ended up living with us for five days.  We often don’t get together during the holidays except for the annual Christmas dinners, so in a way the storm was a blessing.  We all sat around the fireplace and opened gifts together, ate copious amounts of gingerbread, biscotti and tea and I got to spend more time with my grandparents, whom I rarely see now that I am in university.

I learned a lot in those few days of living with my grandparents, how my grandpa actually knew how to bake and was giving me tips on how to make my cookies and how he once met the Queen of England and Nelson Mandela when he worked at the Sheraton Hotel.  I learned how my grandma enjoys re-organizing things so much we can no longer locate most of the dishes in our kitchen and our plants have seemed to grow some legs and scurried around the house to new windowsills.  It was a Christmas to remember, for sure!

Another cool thing that the storm brought was an awesome photo opportunity!  Seeing everything coated in a layer of ice was like walking into a world made of Swarovski crystal (wouldn’t that be extravagant!)  I went out and braved the slippery slopes of my driveway to take a few pictures and thought I would share a few with you!

Frozen TreeDSC03413DSC03449DSC03450DSC03456

Hope everyone is having a lovely start to the new year! 😀


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