Remnants of 2013

Happy 2014 my pretty little Mustangs! I hope all of you had a rejuvenating and stress-free break like I did. With three glorious weeks of no labs, lectures, tutorials or readings, I also hope you all invested some time to reflect on last year; the ups, the downs, the diagonals, the zigzags, etc. I myself have done some thinking about the rollercoaster that was 2013 and I thought I’d share some of the things I learned. Though not all of you guys will be able to put each of these pieces of advice into context, I sincerely hope they dwell in the back of your mind and you pull them out when they are applicable to each of your lives.

1)   Your bad days are never all bad. Not everyday begins with a blazing sun and melodious birds chirping outside your window, but they can end with twinkling stars and a full moon illuminating the dark sky.

2)   Forgive. Being mad at your best friend for not inviting you out or hating your ex for breaking your heart isn’t making you feel less hurt by what they did. Learn from the experiences that wound you but dwelling on them accomplishes next to nothing.  Repentance is a blessing that we should put to practice at every chance we get.

3)   Social media is a lethal weapon and a mediocre waste of time.

4)   Go out with your friends, even when you don’t want to. When you return home for the evening you’ll be glad you did.

5)   Don’t let your emotions consume you. Learn to channel them. Hit the gym when you’re mad, listen to Taylor Swift when you’re sad, and watch Disney movies when you want a reason to smile.

6)   Don’t let anyone ever tell you can’t buy clothes at Costco.

7)   Your grandparents love you unconditionally. They are some of the few people who manage to see the good in everything you do. They can probably muster up better excuses for your poor actions than you can.

8)   First impressions aren’t everything.

9)   Doing what makes you happy isn’t as simplistic as people make it seem. Sometimes you have to do a bit of soul searching with a pragmatic mind to figure out what exactly brings you happiness.


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