My Christmas Experience

Welcome back Western! Hope you all had a great Christmas break. In this post I am going to share my vacation experience with my family in the Bahamas and the United States over the break.  My trip started on the 16th (I had a longer break than most of the students since I finished my exams on the 11th); I went on a cruise to the Bahamas on the Carnival Ecstasy. The ship took us to Freeport and Nassau, which are parts of the Bahamas, and Little Stirrup Cay, which is an island owned by Carnival. The weather was wonderful and the beaches were pristine. The water was crystal clear and we were able to see fishes as we were swimming. On the cruise ship, there were a comedy club, a casino, a gym, a theatre, and other facilities. I went into the casino, for the first time since the minimum age for entrance was 18. I was playing three-card poker, and I got dealt a straight flush! This is one of the highlights of the trip.  The food and entertainment were also great! I had steak, salmon, and lobster and shrimp. I also had frog legs; the texture is exactly like chicken and it tastes like it as well, with a fishy overtone. I would definitely recommend Carnival for people who are planning to go on a cruise.

Once we got off the ship, we visited Orlando and Miami. We drove by Dexter Morgan’s apartment (from the TV show Dexter) in Bay Harbour. We then flew Los Angeles; once we arrived we drove to Las Vegas. While we were there, we watched David Copperfield’s magic show and visited Hoover Dam. The magic show was fascinating. There were a lot of interactions between David and the audience; it gets funny sometime when audience were unintentionally not cooperating and David started to tease them. After Las Vegas, we drove all the way to San Francisco to visit our friends. It has the most interesting infrastructure I have ever seen. There were lots of steep slopes. There was one slope where I felt the brakes on our car failing as we were going down and we all freaked out. One of the attractions was Lombard Street, which is famous for its twists and turns. I also went to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bridge. After that, we drove back to Los Angeles, where we went to Beverly Hills, Hollywood Walk of Fame (where I met Zack Galifianakis…look-alike) and Griffith Observatory. This trip was one of the best trips I have been on. I was also glad that we were away for the ice storm and power outage in Toronto and got to enjoy the comfortable weather in the Bahamas and the US.

The following are some photos that I have taken on my trip.


Little Stirrup Cay


Dexter’s apartment in Bay Harbour


Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco


Las Vegas


Lombard Street in San Francisco


Me and Zack Galifianakis…look-alike at Hollywood Walk of Fame


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