Tweet Tweet

What a stupid concept – updating people about your day-to-day activities – yet it is addicting and surprisingly informative as I discovered over the Christmas break. I only made a twitter account when my social media extraordinaire of a roommate forced me to in first year. Until recently, I’d check my twitter feed about every two or three weeks when I was bored of Instagram (I LOVE Instagram) and in a way, looking at tweets from weeks earlier and seeing the insurmountable catching up I’d need to do only turned me off of twitter more.

It wasn’t until this past semester that I started using twitter “properly”. I stopped fallowing people who posted every 10 minutes, composed a few witty tweets of my own and started following things like The Globe and Mail and National Geographic for fear of falling even more behind in global events as I started midterms.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t turn twitter into yet something else to study. I continued following Cute Emergency (a twitter account dedicated to posting pictures of kittens and puppies) as well as Miss Western Goose and White Girl Problems. The mix of informational and comedic tweets created just the right balance to fuel my addiction and I often found myself scrolling through twitter before going to bed.

While cashing in my lazy card over Christmas break, I became especially immersed in twitter. Twitter isn’t just for people to tell the world when they’ve done laundry or passive aggressively talk about a breakup. If you want an easy, fast, free way to stay connected as well as something that isn’t too similar to school so you can use it as a study break, twitter may be just that.


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