Goodbye 2013…


Now that 2013 is officially over, I have sat down and tried to think about all of my favourite 2013 memories. So here are some of my favourite 2013 moments

1- I got introduced to raw veganism: I started watching a youtube channel called FullyRawKristina ( Kristina has been a raw vegan for over 8 years, and she shares all of her tips and tricks alongside raw vegan recipes. That channel is very inspiring to me, and even though I am not a vegan, I have been incorporating the raw vegan lifestyle more in my life in 2013.

2- Going to see Alesso: I love all of the songs Alesso produces and I had the opportunity to go and see him when he came to London with my roommates. We were so excited; we made our own shirts for the concert, and they had Alesso’s face and said “Keep Calm and Alesso On.” Additionally, on the same day as the concert, my 2 roommates and I moved to a new apartment…we didn’t let anything stop us from going to see Alesso.


3- Going to Los Cabo, Mexico with my family: I got to go literally a day after I finished my exams, so it was a nice treat.

4- Travelling to Cusco Peru: I got to go sight seeing in Cusco and volunteer in a mobile clinic. I also got to go and see one of the 7 wonders of the world, Machu Picchu, which was unbelievably breathtaking. Best of all, I got to go with my best friend.


Cusco’s Time Square


Machu Picchu

5- Celebrating the New Year with my best friends

What are your favourite 2013 memories? Sit down and make a list of all of the things you have done and accomplished in 2013. I hope everyone had a wonderful 2013, and an even better 2014.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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