The Passage of Another Year


Another year have just whizzed by.

Now, don’t look so sad. While some are baffled by how quickly time seems to flow, how this “time” thing works is pretty straightforward. We are given a paycheque worth 24 hours every morning; however, the nature of the currency forces us we  to spend it as we go about our days. Thus, we are constantly making the choice on what we are bargaining for in exchange for our time; hence the message of the day: try to make worthwhile bargains.

However, the process of making good bargains for our time is a more complicated issue because we are creatures who tend to live in the moment. Immersed in the stream of time, the perspective can change quite drastically. In fact, all of us are quite experienced with this aspect of time; the psychologists call it “short-term gratification precedes long-term satisfaction”; normal folks just call it temptation of slacking off.  Let’s be honest here, the “living in the moment” perspective is okay for normal day-to-day running, but it lacks the deliberation and foresight necessary to make good bargains for our precious time.

This time of the year is especially important because it affords us the opportunity to take our head out of the stream, take look at the past year and give us an idea of what we have brought with that hefty paycheque of 365 days. This is the time of year when we ask ourselves how much have we grown, how much have we matured? How much time have we devoted to make us into better friends or students or roommates? and how much time have been used to purchase that 50 levels in Minecraft? Have we exchanged the 1.3% portion of our lives to acquire a skill that might benefit us throughout our lives or have we blazed through it for the breathtaking satisfaction of moments?

Of course, everyone’s definition of a “good bargain” for their time can vary, and it all comes back a to how we define our lives and how want to live out that definition. For instance, when I look back the year of 2013, and the hours I have spent to read The Stormlight Archives, I felt it a very worthwhile experience and didn’t feel much in the way of regret. However, the overachievers next to me might find the very idea of spending hours reading a work of fiction unimaginable – and who can blame them? Hence this disclaimer; this blog isn’t a call to work overtime and become an overachiever, but an reminder to remain true to the course that we have set for ourselves.


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