My Daily Adventure: Racing with the Clock

     It is said that desperate times demand desperate measures. While I can appreciate that statement on an intellectual level, I'd rather not prove the statement with personal experience. However, the mistress of luck seemed to have quite a different opinion on the matter; thus, despite my most sincere wishes for otherwise, a minor crisis still... Continue Reading →

Additions to your Dictionary: Part 3

I’m going to continue with these foreign word series, as there are plenty more language gaps the English language has graced us with that I'd be more than happy to fill for you guys. Let’s start with this Japanese word komorebi. As I have a tendency to do with these definitions, I’m going to put... Continue Reading →

93 Days and Ticking

Do you hear that clock in the background? I don’t, but that’s probably just because I’m too busy to notice it. I don’t even know where my time is going, but I guess its split between essays, classes, work, readings, eating and exercising. Oh, and maybe a bit goes towards sleep. I find that school... Continue Reading →

Keeping Things in Perspective

Often times we are so preoccupied with our lives that we begin to lose perspective of the greater scheme of things. Specifically, we forget how insignificant we are when compared to the grander scale of life and time. Last week, the world's oldest tree was found on a mountain in central Sweden – and it... Continue Reading →

Raw Vegan Truffles: A Must Try Recipe

Some people find that eating healthy can be very difficult. Sometimes, we just want to treat ourselves to something sweet and decadent. But, before you go and grab that chocolate bar, which would probably make you feel very unpleasant after you eat it; try this raw vegan truffle recipe that is a guilt-free and nutrient... Continue Reading →

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