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The majority of my time at high school consisted of me striving to grow faster. The only thing I looked forward to was moving away. Far away from home, parents, and friends.

Now that exams were over and winter fairies came out to play in the white wonderland, a couple of friends and I visited high school. An hour trip using public transportation seemed surprisingly fun rather than painful. The subway station strangely felt like home. The scent of sweet cinnamon rolls tickled our sensation and gave chills down our spine. Using the escalator felt abnormal as it used to be under construction and now it operated perfectly. As we walked out of the exit, we spotted almost everyone from the graduating class of ’13. Although it has been almost five months since we have not seen each other, it felt as if we never left in the first place.

When we walked into school, some of the teachers greeted us with a big smile and warm hug. These teachers are the ones who shaped us to become who we are now. They allowed us to build our ability to adapt to a newer and bigger world. Whenever we went through difficulties, they taught us how to be strong and encouraged us to continue fighting. Seeing them today, I could thank them once again for their hard work.

While visiting the teachers, I ran into some of the younger students who I used to be close with. I felt at home when they screamed out my name and showed curiosity by asking bunch of questions regarding university. I wished them the best of luck knowing that they are going to walk the same path I walked a year ago.

Coming back to my second home made me realize how much of an important influence it had on me for the past four years. This is the place where I had a privilege of meeting the most talented and amazing people. I am proud to say I am an alumni of Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts.


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