What a Wonderful World

balloonsWhy is the world of today the way it is?

How can we live in world where we can send a rover to Mars, but we can’t implement health systems to save countless millions of people?

I don’t understand how I was born into the life I have, but I know I am thankful for it every day.

Some people take this for granted. More so than the tongue-in-cheek phrase “first world problems”, people need to be shaken out of their “woe-is-me” mindsets sometimes.

This begins in adolescence, when people shed their youthful carefree mentality, and start to don the weight of the real world.

At the same time school and your social life starts to become a time of storm and stress, you start to realize just how horrible the world can be.

From this point on, people develop mental constructs to emotionally distance themselves from the pain and suffering around them. By the same token, they become numb to the beauty of the world as well.

With the break coming up, I need to take a bit of time for a reality check to shake myself out of this very construct.

I need to take time to eat fresh snow, like when I was little.

I need time to walk on the train tracks by my house at midnight along the river.

I need to make a blanket fort and read books all day.

I need to go to a homeless shelter and lend a hand for a day.

This Christmas break, I urge you to go out and see the world in a new way.

Clichés aside, I guarantee most people (especially around exam crunch time) have fallen in to a kind of mind frame that doesn’t allow them to see the beauty of the world around them.

Where I am right now in life is the middle of a torn piece of paper, like many of my peers. Exams and school stress make you forget who you are. They make you lose sight of the world around you, and burrow into a world where you live under a constant barrage of assignments, counting down the projects until the next weekend when you can see light.

Your life is special and amazing, and the world around you is too.

Take time to truly enjoy this upcoming term break- you’ll thank yourself.


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