Sydney’s Magical Lights

The darkness arises, and the dots of orange golden beams blind the street. The reflection of the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge forms a mirror image on the water creating a more peculiar world than Narnia or the magical forest from Alice in Wonderland. Another homeless man is holding up a sign on the cardboard that... Continue Reading →

After the Slacking Season…

Finally, it's over. As I felt my pen slip through my slack fingers after demolishing the last final exam, I became flooded with one very profound realization: for the next two weeks, there would be no finals hanging above my head like axes that are about to fall; there would be no more sleepless nights... Continue Reading →

(113) DAY

I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that first semester has ended. I have learned so much these past four months – not just in school, but also by living on my own and getting more involved in the London community. I’ve learned to manage my time better, make wiser decisions, and to... Continue Reading →


Now playing: Bones by Ben Howard 🎵 The majority of my time at high school consisted of me striving to grow faster. The only thing I looked forward to was moving away. Far away from home, parents, and friends. Now that exams were over and winter fairies came out to play in the white wonderland,... Continue Reading →

Additions to your Dictionary

Do you ever find yourself trying to explain a word or feeling to someone, but you just can’t find the right word to match your description? And when you try and summarize your description and use as little words as possible, you end up with a lengthy, convoluted explanation that somehow doesn’t fully articulate what... Continue Reading →

What a Wonderful World

Why is the world of today the way it is?How can we live in world where we can send a rover to Mars, but we can’t implement health systems to save countless millions of people?I don’t understand how I was born into the life I have, but I know I am thankful for it every... Continue Reading →

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