The snow hit London hard over the weekend! The knee-deep snow didn’t stop me from traveling.

On Saturday, I went to White Oaks Mall with my suite mate. The mall is filled with decorations, promotions for gifts, and people talking about the upcoming holiday; all these signs show one thing… Christmas is coming! My suite mate and I bought quite some gifts for our families and the secret Santa gift exchange, which is happening on Sunday. Also, I bought a Monopoly “Empire” game set and it was lots of fun playing with my friends. It is different from traditional Monopoly. In this game, players have to buy businesses to build up their “business towers”. Whoever gets to the top first wins the game. And of course, there are many actions that can influence other players’ status. To do well in this game, you have to mess the other players’ game plan up while avoiding being messed up.

On Sunday, road condition for both drivers and pedestrians were really bad. There were 2 feet of snow that was neither shoveled nor salted. Walking to the rec center felt like an adventure in the North Pole! The road is still really messy; it makes students’ trips to and from classes challenging. I hope the snow is cleaned up soon!

I signed up for the SEAA Badminton Tournament, which is on the coming Saturday, along with my suite mate for a doubles event, so I will be practicing for that. We even got matching clothing and purple bandanas (Western spirit!). Also, I will be working on the recent assignments and studying for final exams. I am going to be pretty busy till my last exam!


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