(88) DAY


I find lists incredibly useful. I virtually have a list for everything I do related to school and extra-curriculars – things to do, things to study, things to bring up at the meeting etc… But all this eventually builds up into huge bullet points of stuff. 

So essentially, my relationship with lists is not at its finest point right now. In fact, my perception of lists at the moment is as some form of evil dictatorship governing my life and pressuring me to do things I don’t necessarily want to do at the moment.

So to recover from my not-so-great relationship with lists, I thought I’d make a few light-hearted ones related to things other than work:

3 extravagant things I would like to see in the near future

  1. A really grand fireworks show
  2. The Ellen show live
  3. Rob Ford step down

6 Reasons I love winter:

  1. Christmas
  2. Western Voice in January
  3. Christmas
  4. ACF Winter Retreat
  5. Christmas
  6. Christmas

My 3 favourite orders on campus

  1. Perogie bar
  2. Timmies’ toasted turkey chipotle on a cheddar cheese bagel
  3. That jalapeno bagel at The Spoke with red pepper cream cheese

Random thoughts:

  1. It’s been 88 days since I’ve moved into Western
  2. ^ How peculiar, 8 is my favourite number (born on the 8th day of the 8th month)
  3. 26 days left till Christmas, everybody!
  4. I can’t wait for Christmas.
  5. The only thing I do on the bus is turn on my data and update my Pinterest Christmas board.



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