Fall Study Break – Part 2: The Great Flood

Wow. It’s been a while since I posted anything. Here I am, writing about what happened during the first weekend of November while its currently the last week of November. But better late than never, right?

So it all started when my parents dropped me off at Elgin Hall (suite style) on Sunday night. While unpacking, my mom pointed out a wet spot (close to my closet and at the edge of the wall) on the carpet to me. I thought it was weird; no one had been in my room for four days, and I had nothing that could leak on the floor. What could have happened?


Initial wet spot by the wall.

I went down to front desk to report this weird issue, and I was told to wait till the morning because Maintenance wasn’t working that night. The staff said unless it continues, I should just try to wait it out.

I thought that was a decent plan. Until I went back to my room.

The wet spot that was relatively small grew rapidly.

Basically, the entire space under my closet was soaked. This was when my roommate and I started panicking. At first, we found it funny and joked about how I could be swimming instead of sleeping that night. Then the next thing we knew, half my room was completely soaked. The water even spread to her room next door! This was no laughing matter.


Growing wet spot, it’s by my door now!

The residence staff called a plumber and handed us a wet vacuum (vacuum cleaner that soaks up water instead of dust). We put on our rainboots and tried to use it but to no avail; either we didn’t know how to use it or the machine didn’t work properly. The plumber said a hot water pipe from upstairs burst, and the pipe was behind the wall. Every room with a wall close to that pipe was soaked.

My roommate and I decided to move my mattress into our common room, where I set up camp for the next week.


Next day: my propped up bed frame, so its easier for Maintenance to clean

Over the course of the week, I had a lot of visitors. Not only did Maintenance come in regularly to clean up/dehumidify/dry up my room, the plumber came over to check up on the pipes, and a floormate joined me in the common area and she slept over for three nights.

Overall, this flooding experience was fun. Yes, it was troublesome and I complained about feeling homeless in my own room, but it was memorable. I definitely will not forget this part of my first year experience!


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