Don’t Let The Grades Define You


Ten percent mark-drop is one of the biggest fears that students face in their first year of University. Every assignment and test we write, we stress out about the possibility of failing even before we start on the task.

Just thinking about the assignments and tests cage us in a terrifying state, we spend too much time worrying rather than getting the work done. After you get the result, you either sigh of relief or cry of misery, furiously e-mailing your TA about why you did so horribly on it. Sometimes when we receive a disappointing mark, everything seems to be falling apart; the thought of successful future starts blur.

Personally, I get a thrilling sensation when I get a satisfying mark on an assignment or test, so I strive to do well in every given task. One time, when I received a grade I didn’t think I deserved, I complained to my mom. After she finished hearing me rage, she sent me an article that talks about how failure and success are equivalent. Failure becomes a motivation for success; therefore, failing is ultimately equivalent to the idea of success. Success is not permanent; there will come a time where you experience loss, and hit the ground (I don’t mean this in a literal sense). Hence, failure and success mean the same thing as both lead to one another.

We should not let our grades define who we are. The purpose of education is not to bring you down, but to teach you the beauty in life. It is important that we enjoy what we learn, and retain information because we want to not because we are forced to. The intention of education is not to guarantee us a job (though, this is how most people view education in our current society), but to encourage our intelligence to reach its climax, bringing up great ideas to make the world a better place.

Exams are just around the corner, and I am quite certain that most of us are stressing out; though, whether the final outcome is positive or negative, always remember that there are more chances we can seize.


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