SCOOP: Venturing Beyond the Main Gates

Venturing Beyond the Main Gates

By Neethu Govindaraju  

With midterms and project deadlines right around the corner, one can definitely feel the stress and anxiety hanging in the air. So, what does a Scholar do to unwind and de-stress during this busy season? While there are numerous on-campus services and events (therapy dogs, anyone?) to calm your fears, it is also a great time to venture outside of the Western bubble (and let’s be serious, Richmond Row is in there as well) and see what London has to offer us students.

Here are places your fellow Scholar students have recommended along with a list of pros, cons and tips/suggestions to keep in mind.

Image1. Shiki Japanese Restaurant – 715 Wellington Road South

Recommended by: Daniel Li


  • Most authentic Japanese food in London!
  • Food is extremely fresh – important when it comes to seafood
  • Even have Shabu Shabu (Japanese hot-pot)


  • Far from campus


  • Take the 13 Wellington straight there (located south of Victoria Hospital)


Image 2.    TG’s Addis Ababa Restaurant – 465 Dundas St

Recommended by: Brittany Zigmond


  • Great variety for both vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers alike
  • Cool atmosphere
  • Cheap prices
  • Owner is very friendly and will always remember you once you have been there (he remembered Brittany when she went back – a month later!)


  • Few of the dishes are quite spicy
  • Small place so it can fill up fast on busy nights
  • Far from campus (can take the 2 Dundas to Adelaide & Dundas)


  • Get a combination platter so you can try lots of things
  • Highly recommend the Ethiopian tea and the Ethiopian beer (best beer she’s ever had!)
  • Be prepared to eat with your hands



3.    The Springs Restaurant — 310 Springbank Drive

Recommended by Odre Lefebvre



  • Best fancy food in town!


  • Requires two buses from campus – take either the 6 or 13 to Richmond & Dundas then transfer to the 5 (Westbound) and get off at Chelsea at Springbank Drive.


  • The sign is not very visible – so look for an old church, the restaurant is located on the opposite side
  • Reservations recommended


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