That Kawasaki Rose Though

When I first came to University, I decided to take first semester easy and not sign up for any extracurriculars. After coming from a high school experience filled with sports teams (like literally running from a badminton game in order to make it to rugby practice) this was exactly what I needed to focus on my school work and make sure my average didn’t drop as much as everyone had warned me it would.

For the first few months I loved University and even though I’d occasionally stay up doing calculus until 3 in the morning, I still had time to get to know people in residence and even once in a while spend the night playing Mario Kart in the lounge. Unfortunately, I’m from Toronto, a place I never saw as being remotely tropical until I came to London. Towards December of my first year the constant rain, wind, cold and snow started to get my really down, which was when I turned towards the Western Paper Art Club.

I honestly just went through the list of Western clubs online and if reading the name of the club made me laugh or smile, I wrote it down as a potential candidate. Paper Art Club won and ever since I’ve been to weekly meetings where we fold Origami for an hour and a half with cookies and refreshments. This year being my second year, I knew to prepare for dismal weather ahead of time and applied to become an Executive of the club. Many people laugh when I tell them, because my pale freckly face doesn’t exactly match the stereotype they had in mind, but I’ve actually found it relieves a lot of my stress to be able to focus on matching up corners of paper instead of thinking about how behind I am in organic chemistry.


I strongly suggest you join a “jokes” club or even an intramural sport. It’s nice to have something other than school work in your schedule and something that you don’t just end up skipping during midterm season because it’s too much of a time commitment. On my list for next semester, inner tube water polo!

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