How to Save a Life


An organization that I have recently come across and will actually start participating in tomorrow, is Eden’s Animal Rescue. Dina, who is the wonderful woman behind this animal rescue, needs your help to save some animal lives!

Starting tomorrow, I will be fostering a dog named Sadie until she gets a chance to be adopted into a loving home. What Dina needs are more people to open up their homes to foster animals (mostly cats and dogs), because many of these cats are being sent to animal control to be killed because London Humane Society does not take in stray cats, which is very sad.

Cats do not require that much attention, whereas fostering a dog is similar to taking care of a toddler, so cats may be a better option for most university students.  Dina is able to provide litter and other pet-care materials, because she receives donations to take care of these animals; all she needs are foster homes that can provide these animals with some love and attention!

Dina’s Facebook page is as follows:  and her phone number is (226) 663 – 6091. If she does not pick up, please feel free to leave a message and ask her anything regarding fostering. I hope that you all seriously considering becoming foster parents to these loveable cats and dogs!


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