Finally finished, but just Simply Sick

So, it has been a while everyone. Actually, I have been quite sick for a while which resulted in a lack of blog posts. I am simply sorry as I was too caught up trying to get better and study at the same time. Nonetheless, it’s not a good combination, I have learnt the hard way that I should have just rested before even attempting to be “tough” and study stats because I got sicker each time I attempted to process information, especially when I tried to do those stats calculations… It’s definitely not math…

It sucks to be sick when you are in university because every university student (me included) is just too busy with trying to accomplish our goals, exploring, and enjoying the best few years of our lives. We are too busy balancing out our daily lifestyle with homework, lectures & labs, extracurricular and midterms. Oh, I forgot to mention social life somewhere in that list; lately, I have been lacking one since midterms started, isn’t that sad?

On November 15th, I finished my last midterm, I was probably the kid that was coughing and sneezing throughout that entire midterm. I went through so many boxes of tissues that I have lost count, and my cough sounded dry while my voice was a bit hoarse. I am not sure how I even wrote the midterm, probably through sheer luck and praying to pass. Honestly, I think a fever flared up when I was writing my biostatics midterm, or maybe I was just thinking too hard, or hardly thinking. Who knows right?

Well, I feel I am getting better, just a teeny bit each day. I am so glad that everything is over, and am just going to pretend the finals don’t exist until the first week of December. That’s when I will probably panic and be anxious. Presently, I am going to focus on resting and being able to get back in my daily routine for a healthy lifestyle.


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