Dinosaurs Never Give Up


Just a few short hours ago I was become increasingly frustrated, as I could just not conjure up a topic for this week’s blog. Feeling futile and unproductive I distracted myself with some mindless social media. Seeing that there were only about three new tweets since I had last opened my Twitter application (approximately 15 minutes beforehand), I started trolling my Instagram. Fortunately, my remarkably low expectations were exceeded when I saw that one of my followers had liked a few pictures from an account that was all about the T.V. show “Friends”, a.k.a my favourite show ever.

Successfully finding an inspiration for my blog, I’m going to make tonight’s post an ode to the greatest series in the history of television shows. For those of you who don’t know what this show’s about (and if you’re one of those people I am most definitely shaking my head at your right now), I’ll give you a quick synopsis. There are six best friends who are all connected to at least one of the members of the group in some way, shape or form. Phoebe and Monica were friends in their early twenties and lived together for a while. Monica, Ross and Rachel all went to high school together. Monica and Ross are siblings, Monica and Rachel were best friends in high school, and Ross has had the BIGGEST crush on Rachel ever since the ninth grade. Chandler went to college with Ross and Joey is Chandler’s roommate.

I could tie this all together with a short praise for my favourite character. But I don’t think there’s one person that I can choose to call my favourite. Each character is a puzzle piece to the quirky friendship among these six people. I love each character for a reason that is unique to the next. Monica is the neurotic control freak that has an obsessive need for everything to be insanely clean, all the time. Ross is the geeky and witty palaeontologist manages to find a happy medium between awkward and charming. Phoebe is an eccentric and rather flaky, but nevertheless good-natured masseuse with an odd but refreshing love for life and it’s little treasures. Joey is a warm hearted and for lack of better words, “uneducated” actor whose chief priorities are food and meeting women. Rachel is a spoiled but likeable girl who learns how to make a living on her own and the value of friendship. Last is Chandler, who has a successful job and an incredibly sarcastic sense of humour but definitely the one that encounters the most problems and just has very bad luck overall.

Instead of ending this by telling you that there’s something to learn from the relationships between the characters and the beautiful friendship they create throughout the show, I’m just going to tell you that this show is a great way to relieve some stress, wind down before bed, or just something to tune into from time to time. I can ensure you that the clean but witty comedy will not fail you.


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