“Secret” Study Spots


Where do you go to study when the libraries are packed? I think everyone can relate to walking into Weldon or Taylor and finding every seat taken. Usually you are already pressed for time, have and endless list of to-dos and just need somewhere quiet to sort it all out! So where do you go?

Over my 3 years at UWO, I’ve come across several “secret” study spots. They might not be hidden behind moving bookcases or require special codes to enter, but it is definitely nice to have a few back-up ideas for when the main libraries seem to be bursting at the seams.

1. Taylor Library Stacks

That’s right! There are some relatively unknown spots right in Taylor Library! If you go to any one of the several floors called “stacks” and then wind your way through the dense bookshelves, you will find that each floor has several large tables and chairs! It is a great quiet place to spread out and work. You have to be up for a bit of floor-creaking though; it kind of sounds like the floor above you is going to cave in…!

2. Law Library

The Law Library is by no means a secret, but most undergraduates never seem to venture in! It is on the second floor of the Law building and is beautiful! High ceilings, wooden furniture and tall bookshelves; if you are in the Harry Potter mood, you must check it out!

3. University College

This stunning building can be tricky to navigate because the room numbers are seemingly placed in a random order, but that doesn’t matter when all you need is an empty classroom. Students are welcome to use empty classes rooms anywhere on campus and if you pick a tutorial style room, you’ll get yourself a huge table to spread out on!

4. UCC

If you like to work in a cubicle and are having trouble finding a spot in Taylor or Weldon, then head on up to the upper floors of the UCC! If you take a left at the top of the stairs, you’ll find several rows of cubicles available to work at. I would recommend going beyond the second floor however, as the sound of the blenders at Booster Juice can be a little loud…!

5. Other Ideas!

Here’s a few more places to check out when you really need a spot:

–       seminary library behind King’s College

–       cafeteria in Talbot College

–       empty classrooms in Middlesex College or the Social Sciences Centre

–       London Public libraries: http://www.londonpubliclibrary.ca

Many of these spots offer just what you need to get your studying done! So if you’re desperate for a library seat or are in the mood to discovery a new space on campus, check out one of these cool study spaces. Let me know if you find any others!

Happy Studying!


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