A Tribute


    I have intended to make this post for almost two months. However, I wasn’t ready two months ago, or one month ago, or last week, or even yesterday. See, two months ago my grandfather lost his battle with cancer. It all happened so fast – Wednesday morning he passed, Thursday evening the whole family was together, and Friday morning we cremated him. What now? From that point on, it was up to me to keep his memory alive in my heart. I wanted to act on his memory, not just think about him. I wanted to do something good in his memory and thankfully SSC Charity Committee provided me with such an opportunity. Being a part of the committee would mean so much to me and so I put my heart and soul into my application. I wanted to show the committee why I wanted to be a part of such an amazing group. “Why are you interested in becoming a part of the SSC Charity Committee?” I want to share my response with you all. Here it is:  

    I’m interested because I’m passionate, and I’m passionate because like many others, I’ve dealt with what Clement Yung and his family went through. Before I begin, I want to dedicate this application to my wonderful grandfather. He passed on peacefully just last Wednesday after losing his battle with cancer. For you this application is a way of getting to know me better; for me, this application says a lot about my story, with you as my audience. So in advance, thank you for listening.

    I’ve learnt that cancer is a ferocious disease. I have seen my grandfather suffer in ways that no human being should. But, my story isn’t about the pain and difficulty that every family experiences with serious illness. I don’t like to look at it that way. Besides the suffering, there were a lot of joyful moments, and a lot of determined people who kept him going the extra mile. It is those moments and the importance of those people that I want to share with you.

 Chess games, Sudoku, walks on the lake, planes, cricket, toothless smiles, handshakes. I have too many words to write down but I haven’t been given enough space. So, I’m just going to leave our joyful moments to that single sentence.

    There are so many people apart from family that became family. The oncologist that sat with my grandfather for hours before finishing all her rounds, the nurse that called my grandfather Papa, and the pharmacist that personally delivered my grandfather’s medications are all family. By doing their job so well with so much love and care, my family was able to focus on supporting my grandfather and to spend as much time as possible with him in his last days.

    This year the SSC is involved with London’s Ronald McDonald House. The staff and volunteers of RMH do exactly what so many people did for my family. They take care of the day-to-day errands that take time away from the family, time that they should be spending with their ill child. Time is so unbelievably precious, and if I can give my time to save the family’s time, I know that the SSC Charity Committee is the right place for me.

 To say that conveying my story and my passion in so few words is difficult is an understatement. Maybe that’s why I’ve gone slightly over the word limit (I hope you kept reading!). The hardest thing in the world is to write about something you care about. 

You’re probably wondering what the cover photo of this post is about. SSC Charity Committee is holding a delicious event this Thursday, and it would mean a lot to me and the rest of the committee if you participated! Come on out to Marble Slab Creamery at 573 Richmond St. on Thursday, November 21st for a tasty treat! The Science Student’s Council Charity Committee will be scooping ice cream between 7:00pm and 11:00pm! 

Marble Slab Creamery will be donating 50% of sales to support the Ronald McDonald House of Southwestern Ontario (London)! The Ronald McDonald House provides a home-away-from-home for out-of-town families of seriously ill or injured children who are in London receiving medical treatment for their child.

See you at Marble Slab!




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