(76) DAY

I’ve been really busy – as in, pretty darn busy.

Not only has my amount of schoolwork and assignments been compiling itself into bigger and bigger (and scarier-looking) piles, but the amount of extra-curricular tasks I have to accomplish and meetings I have to attend grown exponentially as well.

But somehow,

I don’t mind.

This might seem crazy, but I’m loving the rush. Although stress really wouldn’t be considered the healthiest thing for the body and the soul, it is something that motivates me. That drives me to work harder.

The pressure that this needs to get done. NOW.

As Leonard Bernstein once said, “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.”

One of the things that is keeping me really busy at the moment is watching all the auditions for Western Voice – a big talent show held by CSA in January for students to showcase their talents. (We also bring in a YouTube star each year!)

IMG_20131111_201501 (1) IMG_20131116_132711
(Top) CSA Western Voice auditions board and (bottom) The Special Events department of CSA

I’ve been watching 10-15 auditions every night for the past week – but I can honestly say that it’s something I’ve been enjoying immensely. It’s amazing to see all the talent students at Western have – from beatboxers to acapella singers – it’s definitely going to be really difficult to narrow down a top ten for the show.

So if you asked me, yes, I am incredibly busy at the moment.
But it is definitely not something I am complaining about –
because if you asked me if I were happy,
I would give you the exact same response.


And just as a side note, wow! It’s been 76 days since university started.


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