Midterm Madness Round 2


It has been a while since my last post! I have been busy with exams and assignments. Last week I wrote the Linear Algebra, the Microeconomics, and the infamous four-hour Business midterm exams. Initially, I thought four hours would be sufficient for us to take our time. However, I found myself rushing through the exam with just enough time to finish.

It snowed few days ago! It’s time to get on our winter gears. I feel that London is colder than Toronto. The trips to and from classes were slippery and wet. I walked cautiously just as I was in a minefield (there are two occasions where I walk with such caution, in snow and on the walkway from University College to Middlesex College when there are geese around; they always come bearing “gifts”).

This Saturday (Fall Preview Day), I will be working at the booth for the Western Scholars.  I look forward to talking with the high school students about my university experience. I remember my first time visiting Western as a high school student. I had no idea about any program, residence, and the environment. However, I felt really welcomed by the volunteers and staffs. In fact, that is one of the reasons I picked Western, the friendly and lively atmosphere. I hope I am helpful to those future university students to make their decisions. If you are also volunteering, then I will see you there!


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