What Is on My Mind, Literally


Since last week, I have been wondering about what to write too much that I only ended up feeling frustrated rather than coming up with a good idea. So instead of forcing myself to blog about an irrelevant topic which I am not passionate about, I decided to write everything that’s on my mind without constantly pressing the backspace or delete button.

Right now, my brain is overpowered with the thoughts of my essays that are due in less than a week. I don’t know if I am doing a good job in making the right connections or just blabbering on.

Then my mind shifts to the song I’m currently listening to, “Flaws” by Bastille, which brings me back to what my professor said this morning about individuality. He told us that we don’t have to be anybody but just to be who we want to be. He brought up the question of what is to be normal and how teenagers nowadays are so caught up in striving to fit in. Acceptance has been one of the central social issues in our society. If we consider the category of normality depends on the gender, ethnicity, wealth, authority, and religion, then we should think about the definition of normal again.

It is peculiar yet beautiful how our mind works. One minute we are thinking about this and later we are thinking about something completely off topic. Our minds are constantly active; it is impossible to think about nothing because as we are thinking about nothing, we are thinking about nothingness… If you know what I mean.

We tend to shut off our ideas, opinions, or thoughts thinking that it might sound stupid said out loud. Everything that goes in our brain gets neglected. We don’t know that those ‘useless’ thoughts may direct us great ideas. So instead of putting your thoughts aside, just jot them down without stopping yourselves. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, sentence structure, or diction; but simply write down what your mind is occupied with.


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