Something that I have been introduced to recently is mindfulness. It is something that can help us when we are stressed, but it is definitely something that is easier said than done.

I have been trying to have an open mind to try this out, and surprisingly, the results are good so far. When I become too stressed or overwhelmed with other emotions, I stop everything that I am doing, and try to think about the exactly moment that I am in. I do not dwell on the past, or linger anxiously about what I have to do in the future.

It was explained to me as imagining a circle inside of another circle, where the inner circle is where we are at the present, and where we feel calm, tranquil, and aware of how our bodies are feeling in that very moment. When we dwell too much into the past or too much into the future, we spiral out of the inner circle of tranquility, and into a virtual world (the outer circle).

The outer circle is where the past and the future lie, and where our thoughts are racing and so preoccupied with things that are not in the present moment. When this happens, we are supposed to stop, take a check at where our bodies are at (check our breathing, feel our heart beating, observe our surroundings/choose a focal point), and recognize our reality (our present).

Having this explained to me was very helpful because it makes a lot of sense about how we create a virtual world in our heads when we dwell too much in the past or the future. I believe mindfulness is something that could potentially be helpful to someone like me, who can easily become overwhelmed with emotions. 

2 thoughts on “Mindfulness

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  1. My doctor introduced me to mindfulness and I just tried it out recently, too! It’s surprisingly effective when I’m feeling super stressed (especially during exams). Although I have to admit, the first few times I tried to do it by following a youtube video and I ended up falling asleep in my chair!

  2. Yeah it’s pretty helpful to relax your body! I found Jody Whiteley’s sleep relaxation videos on youtube to be pretty helpful, give them a try!


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