No Place Like Western University


Trudging to a torturous lecture in a gloomy weather could be beautiful only at Western. Given the opportunity to walking on campus and admire the sublimity of the architecture, I am proud to say that I am part of this wonderful Western community.

Although the process of moving out was petrifying, Western is a place where I can already call it my second home. I remember my move-in day crystal clearly. The feelings of excitement and trepidation both overpowered me as I walked through the residence door. When I nervously received my student card and room key, I was officially a Western University student.

As soon as everything was settled, we had a floor meeting where everyone gathered to introduce ourselves. Through playing various games and chatting, everyone formed a bond that eventually developed into family love.

During O-week, we participated in different types of events that brought first year students closer. One of the most memorable events was Shinerama. In groups, we walked around the neighbourhood and collected money for charity. Shinerama not only allowed me to realize how welcoming and caring London community is, but also be appreciative for my family, friends and everything.

After O-week was over, the first of school began. Finding the lecture rooms were not difficult at all as the sophs are always there to guide and assist you. The professors turned out to be the opposite of whom I pictured in my head. They constantly remind you that you are not just a number but an important pupil.

It is crazy how a span of two months can form an inseparable bond between the floor mates and me. What an absolute pleasure to share a connection with fantastic groups of people.

I can say nothing more but to state that Western University is the best place to learn, and it allows you to build a bridge to connect to the world and beyond.


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