Ode to the Spoke

We fell in love in first year. I was new, so our first encounter involved a mere toasted plain bagel with plain cream cheese. It was delicious and I was more than satisfied, but I knew better than to stop there when there were just so many more choices! After trying countless bagels and sandwich combos I knew I’d found the one with the jalapeno and cheddar veggie bagelwich. It’s now my go to every time and can make me feel 100 times better on even the worst of days.

I learned to appreciate the Spoke’s awesomeness last year as a Saugeen resident. I got pretty down right (insert swear words here) frustrated after I was forced to leave the comfort and warmth of my bed for every fire alarm – and don’t get me started on how many there were! It was an especially chilly Sunday morning around 9am last year when a fire alarm went off, but the spoke was a short 5 minute walk away and kept me and my floor-mates warm and sane with delicious apple cider. I STRONGLY suggest the apple cider!

The spoke is more than just a nice spot to grab lunch and more than just a campus bar. The Spoke is the place to go when you’re feeling down, or maybe just at the breaking point from having multiple exams in one day. It has cozy booths to enjoy your hot chocolate in on a cold wintery afternoon…they’ll be LOTS of those coming up, or chairs by the window to enjoy a coffee while catching up with a friend. I’d include the patio area that’s nice for eating frozen yogurt, but I think those days have come and gone for a while. Its location also makes it ideal for grabbing something to eat between classes or on your way to Weldon. Go pay the Spoke a visit!


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