Fall Study Break – Part 1: Off to Waterloo I go!



Food and friends, pretty much sums up my weekend.

The past weekend, because of study break, I went to visit my friends at the University of Waterloo. My weekend was definitely interesting, and it concluded with a flood in my room (but that’s for another post, expect to see a Part 2 sometime soon!)

I have two upcoming midterms on Saturday, and I debated if I should go to Waterloo or not. Finally, I managed convinced myself that while my friends are in class, I would go to the library and study for exams. I did manage to spend an hour or so making Economics notes though! And that was seriously the amount of studying I did this weekend. I’m feeling the repercussions of it now though, but I can’t help but want to plan my next trip to Waterloo. (Disclaimer: I’m currently going through Waterloo withdrawal, so I apologize for the cheesiness overload in this post.)

As weird as it sounds, Waterloo actually feels a lot like home. I’ve been to the campus around five times in total before university even started. I could recognize buildings and could sort of find my way around campus; my friends were surprised! As well, I was seriously considering attending Waterloo, so I felt nostalgic and bittersweet when I was there.

The weekend was so eventful, but I will always remember getting dropped off and picked up at various buildings by my friends. Who said I’m 18 year old?! I felt more like a 5 year old, getting dropped off and up at kindergarten by parents or babysitters.  I will also never forget how a friend, who cooks all his meals at his residence, managed to set a pan on fire, while cooking in someone else’s suite. I don’t think anyone will let him forget about this moment. I also think I fell in love with their plaza. There has to be at least 40 restaurants there, and I thought the Southsiders at Western had it good.

Being at Waterloo made me miss my old friends so much. Two of them actually came to visit Western the weekend before, and because I went to Waterloo after only 3 days in between, I spent almost a week with them. It feels abnormal to not know when the next time I’ll see my old friends will be.  I feel like ever since university started, I’ve been more appreciative of my high school friends. This weekend was a good reminder that distance makes the heart fonder, but distance doesn’t mean much when the friendship means a lot more. I can’t wait till our next visiting trip!

And with that said, time to bring my thoughts back to Economics!

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    1. In terms of places on-campus, I really liked the Davis Centre (DC), it reminded me of a playhouse! Probably because of the colourful furnishing. As well, a friend told me that the DC building was designed to resemble a circuit board from the sky! That’s incredible.

      I also think the overpasses at Waterloo are really unique and the one at Engineering 5 (E5) is especially nice. In fact, the E5 building itself is quite impressive. It is certainly different from the buildings at Western.

      There’s a quaint bubble tea place called Sweet Dreams Tea Shop in the plaza (off campus) that I really liked. The menu boosts a variety of drinks, including bubble tea, loose leaf tea, and coffee. Food wise, it offers sandwiches, salads and noodles/soups. My friends and I stayed there for a while, playing board games while drinking bubble tea.

      I hope you find my advice helpful and that you have a great time at Waterloo! 🙂


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