World’s Three Jewels

"You get richer by how much you see and experience, not by how much money you earn." Here is a list of top three countries I want to travel before I die. 1) Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are sixty inhabited islands, historical sites that S four... Continue Reading →

(88) DAY

Lists I find lists incredibly useful. I virtually have a list for everything I do related to school and extra-curriculars - things to do, things to study, things to bring up at the meeting etc... But all this eventually builds up into huge bullet points of stuff.  So essentially, my relationship with lists is not at... Continue Reading →


The snow hit London hard over the weekend! The knee-deep snow didn’t stop me from traveling. On Saturday, I went to White Oaks Mall with my suite mate. The mall is filled with decorations, promotions for gifts, and people talking about the upcoming holiday; all these signs show one thing… Christmas is coming! My suite... Continue Reading →

What Not to Freeze

I love freezing my foods. Leftover pasta? Freeze. Sandwich meats? Freeze. To me, it's a magical place where food ceases to rot or mold and can last forever. However, this is definitely not true, and there are two food items that I've encountered issues with when I froze them. 1) Raw Mushrooms Don't toss mushrooms... Continue Reading →

SCOOP: Shopping for Less Stress

Shopping for Less Stress By: Naciza Masikini Western can be a stressful environment.  A good friend once told me that shopping is the answer to all of life’s most pressing questions. So I’ve learned to treat every opportunity as if I were shopping for the perfect item to relieve stress. As both the holiday shopping... Continue Reading →

The Monica and Chandler Genesis

Okay, so though this wasn’t the plan for this week, I’m going to dedicate my post again to, in my opinion, the greatest television series out there, Friends. I guess you can think of my last post as a precursor or an introduction to a deeper analysis of the 1990s program. Most of the emotional drama... Continue Reading →

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