Prone to Polish

I apologize in advance to all you males for this cosmetic/aesthetic based post, but I’ve been feeling especially feminine this past week. In turn, I decided to channel that femininity into something that could be of some assistance to all you girly-girls out there.

I’ve formed this nice little collection of nail polishes over the past few years because that’s just the one thing I can’t help but impulsively purchase.  Though I have a tendency to buy vibrant, popping, summer-y colours, I came to realize that neon pinks and glittering yellows wouldn’t mesh so well with this beautiful autumn season. In an attempt to deviate from this pattern and add some conservation to my collection, I recently purchased some colours that I think are perfect for fall.

I’ll start off with this muddled grayish polish by OPI. This matte, steel colour polish is called French Quarter For Your Thoughts. Speaking from experience, I think the colour gray is a staple in most female closets, and there is no better way to make those dark taupe-like shades stand out then with a matching polish. Add some silver glitter-based polish to your two ring fingers and you’ve got the perfect combination of both classy and collective.


My second polish, also my current obsession, I purchased last year at Topshop. I was coerced by the long rows of clear buckets in the check out line that were filled with eye make up, nail polish and miscellaneous costume jewellery. Clearly a spontaneous and impromptu buy, this polish called “Smashing Pumpkins” pairs well with everything and anything fall, from the cinnamon colour leaves on the ground to the orange tinge of the jack-o-lanterns on your front verandas.


Part of OPI’s Hong Kong collection, the last addition to my earth tone/autumn-esque assemblage is subtle green crème coloured polish. Entitled “Jade is the New Black”, this polish is the perfect fusion of a dusty cobalt blue and a deep sea green. The product of these two colours radiates a harmonizing and stabilizing polish that’s bold yet not too bright. This colour pairs well with arrays of brown, burgundy, black and gray.


So there you have it. Just a few suggestions for any ladies who are looking to spice up their nails within the constraints of the fall season that is upon us.

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