Almost Done, Relieved & Stressed?

Hi everyone! It has been a while since I last posted, it feels like ages. Well, it is midterm season, tis the season to be studying and writing exams. For some reason (-ahem- sleep deprivation, caffeine), studying and writing makes me lose my sense of time, I can’t believe it’s almost November! Honestly speaking, now that I am almost done (only one biostatistics midterm left in two weeks’ time) I still feel stressed. I feel a tiny sense of relief creeping over me since I have a minor break before my next midterm but like I said before, I am stressed.

Strange isn’t it, even though I am almost done, the stress and anxiety buildup for midterms haven’t left me. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I studied so hard, and presently I am anticipating, guesstimating and expecting something good in return, like possibility a good mark? Who knows? I wonder what’s considered good for university standards. I wouldn’t know because supposedly “my standards are too skewed for an average person,” which was said by the majority of my friends… does that make me not average? Yippee for being unique. University is a place where if we work hard and smart and do well. I know that I worked pretty hard but did I work smart? I am not sure, some exams were difficult and some were easy, and I dedicated the same amount of time to all my exams. I placed all my efforts into those exams, especially that 91 questions biochemistry midterm, 3 hours. It’s definitely not fun writing organic chemistry, biochemistry, math, and psychology exams… Overall, I think I did a great job during my midterms, if not, there’s always finals and then the holidays!


A, B, C, Ds… it’s like learning the alphabets 🙂

Nowadays, I feel like the only days I can remember are the breaks…  During this fall break, I think I should remind everyone that we have an extra hour of sleep next week! Yay for “fall back” in time, 12:00 am becomes 11:00 pm… Now it’s time for me to fall back into my break mode and wait for marks to arrive via owl. Stressed!


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