Lost in Properties


Living in digital age, we are truly drowning in electronic gadgets that constantly hold our gaze. In lectures, I see people watching a hockey game, stalking people on Facebook, or tweeting vigorously. Professor’s voice enters in one ear and leaves through the other; all they hear is nothing but a muffled speech.

At an event like a birthday party, wedding, or concert, we are busy taking pictures, and recording videos rather than enjoying the moment. People often do this to either grab others’ attention or to make others think that they are having a blast time. What’s the point of going to these events? By continuously taking pictures and recording videos, our presence becomes useless because we are just watching the events through a small screen. Our lives consist of watching and being watched through a screen. (As I’m writing this post, I am typing in front of a laptop screen, and you are reading my post through a screen as well).

Three weeks ago, a couple of my friends and I went out for a nice dinner at Jack Astor’s. Laughter and joy filled our table as we shared inside jokes and drew on the table like a bunch of immature seven-year-old kids. A couple of minutes after we finished our meal, a man who looked like my dad’s age with a beard approached us, holding a glass of beer

He said, “You girls need to talk more, not be on your phones.” I glanced at the girls, and gave them a confused look. Then he kept talking, “Life is short. You’ve got friends right in front of you… Why waste time on your phone texting someone else who’s not in the room, or waste time on social networking sites that do you no good?” As creepy as it was, we were all speechless, deep in thoughts. I mean, he was right. Why were we communicating with the outside world when we could create our own beautiful world with the people you are with in that moment?

I’m not saying that electronic gadgets such as a tablet, phone, and laptop only have negative effects. Without them, we will not be able to communicate or gain newly received information. Nevertheless, we should not rely on technology to the point where we start to become dehumanized. Technology is not meant to define who we are, but a device that supports us and encourage society to become a better place. Let’s enjoy life through the lens of our eyes instead of a screen.


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